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The Great Event

by John M. Haffert

A spiritual bombshell is about to drop on the world! Saint Faustina, who lived a life of great purity and holiness had a preview of this event. It will be a universal illumination of conscience. "What a moment!," she exclaimed. "Who can describe it?! I wanted to throw myself at once into the flames!"

If this was the reaction of a saint who strove daily to fulfill God's Will, what will be the reaction of those who daily deny God when this Great Event happens all over the world?

This book says: "Oh, how important for the world is this Great Event which may finally accomplish what all the miracles of recent centuries have not accomplished!" Not a moment for despair, but for hope. When it happens, there will be urgent need for those who know to help others understand.

Item# JH252

142 pages

Item #: JH252

Price: $ 8.95

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