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Two Hearts Design

Website Design

BUX Tools




C-Clipper™ installs wrist-pin clips in seconds. Bux Tools, a manufacturer of precision tools and custom accessories for the motorcycle and automobile markets.

FORTI Publications

2003 Text book for Educators, the Academic Community, Industry and Regulators

Health Law: Federal Regulation of Drugs, Biologics, Medical Devices, Foods and Dietary Supplements


A Garden Enclosed

Makers of Handmade Rosaries & Chaplets

Canticle Magazine


The Voice of Today's Catholic Woman

Divine Mercy of the Midwest
International Pilgrim Virgin Statue

Jubilee Publications
Offering Catholic publications that inspire one to love and live the faith in a practical way.

Hawk Pointe Golf Club
(Site maintenance is now done in-house at Hawk Pointe Golf Club)
Lay Apostolate Foundation
Walter George Photography

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